SeaTec Heavy Duty Chin Strap

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The SeaTec chin strap is a heavy duty chin strap. It is made from neoprene (wetsuit material) for very firm support, with broad back support to keep it in place. S, M and L sizes. What is it used for? Chin straps help nasal CPAP users to keep their mouth closed. The SeaTec chin strap is the strongest chin strap in our range and is a good option for those who need maximum jaw support to keep their mouth closed. This is a heavy duty chin strap – if it doesn’t work, nothing will! It can be fitted very firmly for serious mouth breathers and has very broad velcro straps on top and at the make making it very secure. It tends to last longer than cheaper / more basic chin straps.

Medium fits most.

90 days

  1. unknown

    Works better than other chin straps. This is my third purchase very satisfied.

  1. Ric Simpson

    the best chin strap I have ever used and I have tried a few, but this one has been the best of all. really comfortable to wear and does move on the head during the night

  1. unknown

    more detail about sizing and fitting would have been good

  1. unknown

    Comfortable to wear and fixes the problem.

  1. mark

    Original manufacturer & fast delivery. The best

  1. unknown

    Have been using the chin strap for approx. 2 weeks. Found it difficult at first to get comfortable but gradually getting it right. I have had some contact dermatitis under the chin however a piece of soft cloth under the chin has stopped this. Its' use has reduced snoring.

  1. unknown

    The chin support device works extremely well and is very comfortable.

  1. unknown

    Unfortunately the chin strap did not work for me. I have sent emails to ask where I stand as far as refund but have had no reply. It could be a good product but did not work for me. My partner and I r still in seperate beds. So if u read this can u please reply. Thanku and regards Cindy

  1. Ross

    These chin straps are very good value and last for an extended length of time. Always willing to recommend.

  1. Nadia

    I purchased the chin strap for my partner who suffers from sleep apnoea and hoped that it would help with his snoring. Unfortunately it didn't make any difference, he snored consistently and stopped breathing several times. I adjusting the straps but it didn't appear to help. I was so hoping the strap would be a simple and cost effective solution but it's not to be unless I can adjust the straps further.