Standard Chin Strap


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The Resmed chin restraint is the simplest of our chin strap range. It is a simple loop of elastic material with velcro so you can adjust it to fit your face. What is it used for? Chinstraps help to keep your mouth closed when you are using a nasal or nasl pillow cpap mask. The Resmed chin strap is lightweight and therefore suited to those who have need minimal jaw support. The lightweight design means that the Resmed chin strap has minimal contact with your face. It’s more comfortable than bulkier chin straps in warmer weather. It’s the cheapest chin strap around.

90 days

  1. Les

    Very comfortable to wear, no bulky head straps

  1. Trevor Harris

    Nicely priced chin strap for keeping mouth closed at night while using CPAP machine. Comfortable and works perfectly, stays on all night, no issues at all with this product.

  1. jackie

    Does not stay on. Does not do what the product claims.

  1. unknown

    As good as if not better than Resmed brand.Price is also better.

  1. unknown

    tried this to reduce my sleep apnea.still trying,could take months.looks like its going ok. gary

  1. Lionel Barnett

    The ResMed standard chin strap is an excellent lightweight chin strap for use with CPAP machines.

  1. unknown

    very good

  1. Tewa Atmo Ackerman

    I am not happy It is a very flimsy product & won't stay in place at night so I am not able to use it at all

  1. Lyn Winter

    Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but I cannot find a way to keep this chin strap to stay in place. I was hoping it would help with more effective cpap by making it impossible for me to mouth-breathe while sleeping (and using a nasal mask).